As opposed to previous ISMIR editions, all accepted papers will have BOTH AN ORAL AND A POSTER presentation.

The reason for this is to favor the visibility (oral presentations) of all accepted papers while keeping a large space for discussions between authors and audience (poster presentations).

In order to achieve this, the duration of oral presentations will be reduced to 4' and will not have a question slot which is let for the poster part.


Each day of the conference will have three sessions denoted by

  • A, B for the first day,
  • C, D for the second day,
  • E, F for the third day.

Each session is made of

  • an oral presentation part
  • a poster presentation part

Your paper will be assigned to one of the sessions A, B, C, D, E or F. Which means that your oral and poster presentations will occur in the assigned session.


Oral part

  • During each oral presentation part, 18 papers will be presented.
  • During your oral presentation part, you will have a 4' time-slot to present your paper.
  • Papers will be presented one after the other without time for questions from the audience.
  • It is highly recommended that you use the conference-computer for your presentation and that you upload your presention to it before the session.

Poster part

  • The oral presentation part, is directly followed by the poster presentation part.
  • Authors of the 18 papers assigned to a session are expected to be near their poster during this session.
  • Note that posters presented during one morning session, should be installed in the morning before the opening of the first session (before 8.30am); posters presented during one afternoon session, should be installed during noon before the opening of the second session (before 2.30pm).
  • All posters must use portrait orientation and be no larger than ISO A0 size or 36 x 48 inches. Posters can only be hung in Portrait format. There is no poster template.
  • A list of local poster printing services is provided below

    • Graphirel Link Adress: Chez publigraphie 92 rue bobillot 75013 Paris Phone:

    • Flash Print Link Adress: 205 boulevard vincent auriol 75013 Paris Phone:

    • Fot Link Adress: 55 rue brillat savarin 75013 Paris Phone:

    • Cloitre Imprimeurs Link Adress: 36 rue de la glaciere 75013 Paris Phone:


My paper is assigned to session-E.

For the oral presentation: I also receive a position in the queue,

For the poster session: I also receive a place number where to put my poster.

  • I prepare my slides for my 4' oral presentation in session-E-oral.
  • I also prepare a poster for session-E-poster.
  • Since session-E is Tuesday 2018/09/26, I come early this day to install my poster before the opening of the conference.
  • I also upload my slide presentation to the conference computer before session-E-oral starts.
  • Before session-E-oral starts, I join the queue of all authors that will present their papers in session-E.
  • I do my 4' oral presentation.
  • When session-E-oral ends, I join my poster to answer questions and discuss with the audience about my work.

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